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An unexpected venture of food experiences and pairings. No matter what we cook, it’s always made with love in humble service to our community.



Bayou and Traditions

Missouri is home to some of the nation’s best BBQ. What you may not know is that it is also home to the bayou and, surprisingly, swampland. Unexpected? Yes — so it’s no wonder this is where Swampy’s story begins. Our founder was raised in this flavor-filled neck of the woods by food-loving parents, including a father who loved to experiment with recipes. Dad’s passion was passed down to Swampy and his brothers, and these traditions have stayed with us for life.

Swampy’s career path didn’t start with food or BBQ. You see, Swampy is a people person, always bringing out the best in people and sharing love with everyone he knows. He spent years in the service industry building strong relationships and a devoted following before realizing he had a higher calling. Swampy got clarity. This clarity came as strong as a lightning bolt over the bayou.

Black Island Bayou, Missouri
Black Island Bayou, Missouri
Swampy's Sauce
Swampy's Sauce

BBQ was his future and Swampy didn’t question it. His calling brought him back to his roots and he began making his own BBQ sauce with the help of his good friend Big John. After five years of encouragement from family and friends, Swampy introduced his sauce to the world. Turns out, that sauce was just a gateway into his new calling of restaurateur.

Today, Swampy’s inspired BBQ harmonizes the influence of the Missouri bayou with the local hardwoods and flavors of the Inland Northwest right here in Tri-Cities, WA. True to the man, it’s an unexpected venture of food experiences and pairings. No matter what he’s cooking, it’s always filled with love and humble service to our community.